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The revisitation of anatomical exvoto and hearts is our latest creation. These objects offer a reinterpretation of the meaning and use of votive offerings: they illustrate the part of the body they refer to, but the gratitude for the gift received or the promise made are replaced by fragments of boleros, tangos or poems by the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Furthermore, we have decided to combine the exvoto with a frame made of paperoles, works inspired by the goldsmith technique of filigree and traditionally made in paper by cloistered nuns. These “fusions” reflect the identity and origin of the artists, both being the result of the overlapping of European and Latin American traditions.

Amore mio: paper, papier-mâché, high-quality prints

Cuore ingrato: paper, papier-mâché, high-quality prints

Herido de amore huido: paper, papier-mâché, high-quality prints

Mi corazón vuela contigo: paper, papier-mâché, high-quality prints

Tengo el corazón herido: paper, papier-mâché, high-quality prints


A memento mori is an artwork designed to remind the viewer of their mortality and of the shortness and frailty of human life.

Through our work we have revisited these popular Christian art themes creating images in collage that are deconstructed and reconstructed in 3D.

Cuore fiorito: paper

Cuore ingrato: paper

Omaggio a Maria Sybilla Merian : paper


Naturalia is the name given in the XVI century to a collection of rare things discovered in nature that are unusual, magical or disturbing. These collections were part of the cabinet of curiosities that were the precursors to the natural science museums.

Inspired by these collections, we have created bizarre insects and plants in manual and digital collage. These were cut by hand into singles pieces, modelled and reconstructed in 3D. Each creation has been placed in a framed, wooden box.

Atlas: paper. Frame: wood

Farfalla Barocco: paper. Frame: wood

Farfalla Faggiani: paper. Frame: wood

Giada: paper. Frame: wood

La bellezza del deserto: paper. Frame: wood

Thor: paper. Frame: wood


Our work, made with the collage technique, originates from the personal attraction for the world of fairy tales. Through the realization of paper objects we explore the world of stories that, handed down from generation to generation during centuries, form part of our culture and identity and they are always current.

All our characters have been created in collage.

Alice e i fiori parlanti: paper. Frame: wood

Alice e il Cappellaio Matto: paper. Frame: wood

Alice e la Carta: paper. Frame: wood

Biancaneve: paper. Frame: paper (made with paperoles technique)

Bianconiglio: paper. Frame: paper (made with paperoles technique)

Cappuccetto e il lupo: paper. Frame: wood

La Regina Rossa: paper. Frame: paper (made with paperoles technique)

Alice e lo Stregatto: paper. Frame: paper (made with paperoles technique)

Pinocchio e l’abecedario: paper. Frame: wood.